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Presentation Tools Software: Canvas Animator Studio 1.0


Software that creates HTML5 canvas Web pages with animations.

Canvas Animator Studio 1.0 Information

Free Download Now 44.61 MB5 Star
Date Updated:Apr 09, 2012
Limitations:30 Days Free Trial
Price:349 USD
Rating:5 Star
OS:Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64

Publisher's description of Canvas Animator Studio 1.0

The new Canvas tag element is now part of HTML5 and allows dynamic content by way of drawing 2D shapes and images mainly. Canvas is a drawable region in HTML5 code which defines an area on your web page with a width and an height of the drawable area. By using javascript code, you may access the area through a full set of drawing functions similar to other 2D APIs, then allowing for dynamic graphics content. The more attractive feature of the new canvas element is that you can animate your drawing by way of, for instance, drawing a shape or image, then 1/100th of a second later, the same shape or image is drawing on another position and so on, giving the impression or effect of animation. Drawing animations on the canvas element by hand can be a VERY VERY tedious job for a programmer. But now, you don't need any programming knowledge or skills in order to create an animation on the new HTML5 canvas element on your web page ! Here is where Canvas Animator Studio really shines !. Canvas Animator Studio is a desktop application that will allow you to create an animation in a similar way in that you use a video editor software (for instance, Windows Movie Maker), but in this case, you will create a Canvas Animation, that is to say,you will produce, based on your design, the exact java script code in order to play that animation on a web page. As you may guess, this conforms to the new standards in animation where no Adobe Flash is needed like before, but you will produce an animation that will be ready for now and for the future, because the HTML5 standard is now implemented in all major browsers, like we have mentioned previously.

Screenshot of Canvas Animator Studio 1.0

Tags of Canvas Animator Studio 1.0

Innovative, easy, efficient, useful

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