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Spreadsheets Software: UM Converter 1.2


MS Excel add-in that makes unit of measure conversions.

UM Converter 1.2 Information

Free Download Now 2 MB5 Star
Publisher:American Process Inc.
Date Updated:Jul 14, 2009
Price:29 USD
Rating:5 Star
OS:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista

Publisher's description of UM Converter 1.2

MS Excel add-in that makes unit of measure conversions for units of measure in different categories(Amount of substance, Area, Density, Dynamic viscosity, Electric current, Enthalpic flow, Enthalpy, Entropic flow, Entropy, Length, Linear speed, Luminous intensity, Mass, Mass flow, Pressure, Temperature, Thermal conductivity, Time, Volume, Volume flow, and others).The user-friendly, intuitive, interface will enable even first-time users to rapidly perform all their necessary conversions.Extends MS Excel with specific user interface providing also a spreadsheet UMConvert function used to perform conversions in Excel ranges.Easy find a specific unit through the various unit of measure categories.

Screenshot of UM Converter 1.2

Tags of UM Converter 1.2

Unit, units, conversion, convert

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