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Mathematics Software: CalcSupreme v1.28


Comprehensive basic, financial, math/science/engineering, and logic calculations.

CalcSupreme v1.28 Information

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Publisher:Syringa Software Inc.
Date Updated:Dec 10, 2004
Limitations:free trial
Price:$28 USD Purcahse CalcSupreme now
Rating:5 Star
OS:Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Publisher's description of CalcSupreme v1.28

CalcSupreme, an RPN calculator emulation and much much more, encompasses a wide range of fundamental and sophisticated basic, financial/business, math/science/engineering, and logic operations, accessible respectively via four different screens. Basic operations include arithmetic, algebraic functions, data manipulations, numeric formatting, and menu selections. Financial/business includes loan/savings, cash-flow, bond, discount, markup, depreciation, calendar, and miscellaneous calculations. Math/science/engineering includes log/exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and user-designed functions. Also provided are matrix operations, coordinate conversions, curve-fitting, plotting (linear and log), integration, differentiation, time, calendar, probability, and statistics. User can switch between simple variables and complex variables, where applicable. Logic operations include Boolean arithmetic in three principal number systems. [RPN, an inherently simple way of entering all pertinent numbers and then doing the desired operation on them, is explained more fully in the CalcSupreme Readme and Help files]

Note that CalcSupreme does far more than emulate a calculator. This powerful program uses multiple resources of the PC and PC software, including pull-down menus, message and dialog screens, file/list boxes, disk drive(s) and data/user files, clipboard, printer, near-full monitor screen for plots and printouts, hints for all functions, and detailed help screens (including examples, some with supplied data files, for most functions)--features generally not available in hand-held devices. Further, most, if not all, of the CalcSupreme functions on Finance and Science screens could be obtained--individually--with a spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Quattro Pro, but with labor, sometimes considerable, in setting up a spreadsheet. CalcSupreme makes some of the most common (and some uncommon) spreadsheet operations--both math/science/engineering and finance/business--immediately available to you, the user. Also, you can exchange data between CalcSupreme and a spreadsheet or other program by use of the menu items Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Moreover, CalcSupreme has potential to expand--forever! In addition to planned upgrades of certain existing functions, new functions and tasks will be added as dynamic link libraries (DLLs). Beyond the four DLLs supplied with present version of CalcSupreme, framework now exists for additional DLLs, as listed in pertinent help screen. In future upgrades of CalcSupreme, framework can easily be added for DLLs yet to be identified.

Screenshot of CalcSupreme v1.28

Buy Now $28 USD

Tags of CalcSupreme v1.28

sicence, math, engineering, logic

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