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Mathematics Software: Factoring Calculator 1.0


Factoring Calculator

Factoring Calculator 1.0 Information

Free Download Now 1.49 MB5 Star
Publisher:Gigra LLC
Date Updated:Apr 12, 2013
Limitations:No limitations.
Rating:5 Star
OS:Windows CE, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64

Publisher's description of Factoring Calculator 1.0

Factoring Calculator is a software for number conversion programmed to calculate the number of prime factors for a given number. In mathematics, factorization or factoring is the decomposition of a number into a product of other objects, or factors, which when multiplied together give the original. For small numbers you can calculate the prime factors simply. When it comes to large numbers, finding out the prime factors may be time consuming and bit complicated. To make your calculations easy, this online prime factorization calculator will help you to figure out all the prime factors in the given number by a single click.

Screenshot of Factoring Calculator 1.0

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