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Components & Libraries Software: Gears.IFilterHelper 1.0


An excellent library for easy and fast text extraction in the .NET environment!

Gears.IFilterHelper 1.0 Information

Free Download Now 356 KB 
Date Updated:Jul 05, 2007
Limitations:Nag text, delays
Price:125 USD
Rating:No Rating
OS:Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Publisher's description of Gears.IFilterHelper 1.0

Gears.IFilterHelper greatly facilitates and expedites tasks related to extracting text from a variety of sources, from familiar Word documents to Adobe PDF files and much, much more. Being an affordable, simple and focused .NET library written in C#, Gears.IFilterHelper can be used for any .NET application, allowing you to start extracting text by adding just a few lines of code. Make sure you dont miss Gears.IFiterHelper.

Screenshot of Gears.IFilterHelper 1.0

Tags of Gears.IFilterHelper 1.0

text, extraction, text extraction, .NET

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