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Name Data Added Rating Availability
FastReport 5.1
Report generator with visual designer, dialog forms and 4 scripting languages
Size: 24.66 MB
Tag: report, fastreport, component, generator
Aug 16, 2014 Editor Choice Download Now
$199 - Buy Now
ModCom 8.1
Free Windows software for Data Acquisition & Control, HMI / SCADA, Automation.
Size: 10.03 MB
Tag: weeder technologies, ModCom, data acquisition & control, HMI / SCADA
Jul 12, 2014 5 Star Download Now
HippoEDIT 1.50
HippoEDIT is a powerful, fast and easy to use text editor for Windows
Size: 3.81 MB
Tag: HippoEDIT, text editor, programmers editor, edit
Aug 01, 2013 5 Star Download Now
$53 - Buy Now
StringEncrypt 1.0
String Encryption and File Encryption for C/C++, Java, C# developers.
Size: 674 KB
Tag: string encrypt, string encryption, file encryption, encrypt string
Jun 27, 2013 5 Star Download Now
Rapid CSS Editor 2014 12.0
Powerful, quick and intelligent HTML and CSS editor with HTML5 and CSS3 support
Size: 18.17 MB
Tag: CSS, Style Sheets, Rapid CSS, HTML Editor
Feb 03, 2013 5 Star Download Now
$29.95 - Buy Now
VB.Net to C# Converter 3.02
Visual Basic.Net to C# Converter with Over 99% Accuracy
Size: 6.77 MB
Tag: Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, VB, C#
Dec 02, 2012 5 Star Download Now
$199 - Buy Now
GridinSoft Notepad
Provide the functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirement
Size: 2.43 MB
Tag: editor, notepad, web, html
Aug 22, 2012 5 Star Download Now
PHP IDE PhpStorm 3.0.3
PhpStorm is a lightweight and smart PHP IDE focused on developer productivity
Size: 99.82 MB
Tag: PHP IDE, php editor, php code editor, javascript editor
Apr 24, 2012 5 Star Download Now
Hex Editor Neo
Binary Data and File Data Editing Software Utility. Hex Editor Download
Size: 8.33 MB
Tag: hex editor download, file, data, software
Oct 18, 2011 5 Star Download Now
$24.99 - Buy Now
Ebase Xi Community Edition 4.2
Free single-technology RAD platform, UI development, workflow and integration.
Size: 163.29 MB
Sep 09, 2011 5 Star Download Now
1st JavaScript Editor Pro 5.1
It is the best JavaScript editor for JavaScript, DHTML and Ajax developers!
Size: 7.02 MB
Tag: IntelliSense, JavaScript, JavaScript Editor, Ajax
Aug 17, 2011 5 Star Download Now
$49.9 - Buy Now
Perl Express 2.4
Develop Perl programs in an integrated development environment
Size: 3.23 MB
Tag: Perl, editor, IDE, CGI
Aug 17, 2011 5 Star Download Now
HelloDevice IDE 2.1
HelloDevice IDE is a general TCP/IP-based client software development tool for the communication with the network device.
Size: 16.9 MB
Tag: HelloDevice IDE, Java applet, software development, device
Dec 20, 2010 5 Star Download Now
$499 - Buy Now
Easy-to-use scripting tool for automating all types of data manipulation.
Size: 4.19 MB
Tag: script, scripting, automation, editor
Nov 10, 2010 5 Star Download Now
AutoPlay Media Studio
AutoPlay Media Studio the rapid software development tool for visual programming
Size: 46.29 MB
Tag: autoplay media studio, autoplay cd, autoplay menu, autorun cd
Aug 06, 2010 5 Star Download Now
Lingobit Extractor 1.1
Extracts hard-coded strings from source files to resources
Size: 8 MB
Tag: extract hardcoded string, extract to resources, C++ string extraction, RC C++
Feb 04, 2010 5 Star Download Now
Tabs Studio 1.7.0
Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio add-in for advanced management of your open tabs.
Size: 1.44 MB
Tag: Visual Studio add-in, Visual Studio, add-in, tabs
Oct 26, 2009 5 Star Download Now
Buddy Adder Pro - MySpace Friend Adder 2.0.13
myspace friend adder, myspace friend bot, mypace bot, myspace tool
Size: 306 KB
Tag: myspace friend adder, myspace friend bot, mypace bot
Apr 15, 2009 5 Star Download Now
Aries Color Scheme Wizard 2.5.1
Generate color schemes from selected colors or digital images.
Size: 366 KB
Tag: RGB to Hex Converter, Hex to RGB Converter
Mar 26, 2009 5 Star Download Now
Affordable, multi-platform client/server version control for distributed teams.
Size: 5.43 MB
Tag: development utilities, version control, configuration management
Mar 19, 2009 5 Star Download Now
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