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Source Code Software: VBIO.DLL v1.3a


Vbio.dll (16bit & 32bit) is intended to read and write PC I/O ports in Windows 3.x/95/98 application.

VBIO.DLL v1.3a Information

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Publisher:Zeal SoftStudio
Date Updated:Dec 10, 2004
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Rating:No Rating
OS:Windows 98

Publisher's description of VBIO.DLL v1.3a

Vbio.dll (16bit & 32bit) is intended to read and write PC I/O ports in Windows 3.x/95/98 application. In old Quick Basic, there are two functions INP and OUT which enable users to access I/O ports. But they are missing in Visual Basic. There are lots of people in newsgroup requesting similar feature, so I decide to release Vbio.dll as the replacement of INP and OUT. It also can be used to get the LPT ports address and BIOS information. This DLL is very useful especially when you develop a hardware device and want to interface it in your Windows application. 16-bit and 32-bit Visual Basic samples are included. You can also use it in other languages, such as FoxPro/Visual FoxPro, Delphi, and so on.
This version is not applied to Windows NT/2000/XP or Windows Server 2003. If you need work under Windows NT/2000/XP or Windows Server 20003, please use NTPort Library.

Screenshot of VBIO.DLL v1.3a

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Tags of VBIO.DLL v1.3a

VBIO.DLL, PC I/O, source code, programming

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